Blimey, it’s my competitive story reading debut

My journey to find new ways of making a fool of myself enters scary territory this coming weekend. I will be taking part in my first competitive story-reading event. On Sunday, I’ll be on stage at the wonderful Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells, a participant in “Flash Factor”. The boards that I shall tread This […]

Finding a new audience for literature and stories

Normally, you’d get yourself in trouble if you broke an egg on a stranger’s trousers. But such behaviour is fine when one is performing live street literature. Then it’s just part of the act. I learned this interesting lesson on Saturday. I was on the promenade of Herne Bay, an English seaside town, “performing” – […]

Reading with White Rabbit

An interesting new writerly experience for me last week. I was lucky enough to have one of my stories selected for a public reading by the lovely people at White Rabbit a while ago, and on Wednesday I went along to a pub in Ashford to see it performed. I’ve read my own stories to […]

Staying analogue

(This post started life as a comment added to someone else’s blog. Thought I might add it here, too) I bought myself an iPad last week – or rather, it finally arrived last week – so that I had another way of writing when out and about. I’ve since been reflecting on the “cool” new […]

Today’s favourite word: Cummerbund

I just updated my membership of 26, the brilliant community of creative business writers. As part of the process, I had to nominate my favourite word. I don’t really have one of those. Or if I do, it would probably take days of ruminations to decide what it might be. So, in a hurry, I […]

South Bank Poetry

Walking along the south bank of the Thames today, I came across a wonderful poetry installation. Called the Lion and the Unicorn, it’s part of the Festival of Britain anniversary celebrations. Hope the images from my Blackberry are legible.

A short story in slides – I attempt digital fiction

This is my first stab at “digital fiction”. Scroll down to read about how I made it, and why… So…What an inspiring and mind-numbingly frustrating few days.Over the weekend I went to another excellent workshop organised by the lovely people at East Kent Live Lit. This one was all about digital storytelling. At the helm was Andy […]

My Big Night at the Komedia

Komedia, but not this Sunday I did my reading at the wonderful Komedia Theatre in Brighton this week, for Story Studio. What an amazing experience! The venue was much bigger than I expected, and had sold out – they were actually turning people away at the door. I know they weren’t lining up to see me, but […]

John Berger: Indecently Intense

I bought someone a Kindle for Christmas, or contributed my share of the cost. A useful gadget, but I prefer to have all my books where I can see them, on the shelf. I was looking at one of those shelves late last night, from the comfort of my chair, and pulled down a copy […]

Fire and smoke

I was just reading an interesting blog post from Alex Keegan and came across this great quote from Arthur Plotnik: “You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you. You edit to let the fire show through the smoke.” Indeed.

How to come up with short story ideas

Blocked up like a bank holiday motorway? Devoid of any writing ideas? Here’s my Five Step Short Story Idea Generating Process (TM pending). Take a blank sheet of paper and make a random list of characters and their objectives. For example: A man who desperately needs £100,000 within a week; a woman who must get […]